S – F 2.0, Helsinki 2015

S – F , Swedish Finnish dialogue on design 2.0 refers to the collaboration between the Swedes (Studio Ljung & Ljung, Greta Ljung and Martin Hedenström-Ljung) and the Finns (Arctic Seaman, Samuel Kallio and Wilhelmiina Kosonen). In September it’s the Swedes’ turn to visit the Finns in Helsinki. The designers have developed further their projects and products presented six months earlier at Stockholm Design Week 2015.

Greta Ljung has designed a textile print called ROT inspired by the search of roots, memories and things to hold dear. Martin Hedenström Ljung has investigated the relationship between city life and street furniture with the stool HOI. Samuel Kallio’s TROOPER LAMPS combine improved technology in LED-applications together with more advanced mechanical design. Wilhelmiina Kosonen has continued her project WHATMENT – incorporating the visual, technical and emotional qualities of clothing and textiles into furniture design.

Studio Ljung & Ljung and Arctic Seaman met at Stockholm Design Week 2014 at Greenhouse. During the intensive long days at the Fair, the next door stand neighbours shared experiences and exchanged thoughts and ideas on and beyond design in general and the existing realities of design entrepreneurship in Stockholm and Helsinki.

The S – F exhibitions are the first joint workshops between the two studios. The goal is to encourage and enable professional networking and collaboration in Stockholm and Helsinki.

5 -7 sep 2015 – lönnrotinkatu 39 helsinki